How is Feng shui applied to home and work? A few basic guidelines
How is Feng shui applied to home and work? A few basic guidelines

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How is Feng shui applied to home and work? A few basic guidelines

The type of Feng shui we practice today might not be what it was thousands of years ago, but it continues to be of inspiration to many people and creates the need in them to be in harmony with the forces of nature.  In order to benefit from it, however, there are certain aspects of it that have to be studied and understood without which it would be of no meaning. The true impact of Feng Shui can be felt only if you understand what Feng shui is all about and how it came to be.

 According to the great Chinese Masters that taught Feng Shui, there’s a strong relationship between the forces of nature and the objects of the universe both animate and inanimate. When interaction takes place between the energies of these objects, forces that are created will follow a course of action that will affect all forms of life. It’s only when humans observe these energies and follow them; such as “Feng” meaning wind and “Shui” meaning water that we’re able to lead a life in harmony with nature and all its forces. Once we align ourselves with nature, our lives are bound to improve because, through Feng Shui, harmony has been invited to enter our homes and our lives.

One method of channelling positive energy into our homes is through the simple act of protecting the environment and by focusing on the placement of furniture and other objects in a specific manner in keeping with the teachings of Feng shui. There are hundreds of ways of applying Feng shui to your home and workplace to balance your lives with nature and bring in harmony, but since its not possible to name each and everyone of them, lets take a look at the more basic ways of doing so through the use of colors, textures, shapes and material that would make a positive impact on the flow of energy that surround us.

Always keep your front entrance clean, bright and well lit to channel positive energy into your home.  You can also decorate your front entrance in positive colours and objects to create more positive energy. According to the principals of Feng shui, your living room is a ‘small house’ and therefore learn to place objects and suitable symbols in the correct places to create positive energy inside your house.

Remember not to place the head of your bed under or against a window. This will let out the existing energy inside your home through the window. Refrain from placing any plants in the bedroom. This is not only Feng Shui but health-wise also it’s not recommended because plants also take in oxygen and it means humans and plants have to share whatever oxygen there is in the room. Additionally, “yang” is not the type of energy suitable for the bedroom. A few Chinese coins hanging from your doorknobs are sure to bring you much prosperity according to Feng shui.

The above are only a few Feng shui tips that can make a difference to your home or workplace, and if you’re a believer of Feng Shui, there’s no harm in trying them out before proceeding to the more serious side of this Chinese art of living.