Feng Shui and Energy flowing through the placement of objects in our homes
Feng Shui and Energy flowing through the placement of objects in our homes

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Feng Shui and Energy flowing through the placement of objects in our homes

 Feng shui is an ancient art that is used to harmonize our lives with nature and the forces that surround us. In the modern-day, it is being used by many people to channel the positive energy in the atmosphere to their homes and their lives to create a balance that would help to clear minds and bodies of all negative energies in order to live a more productive and better life. This, however, has to be done by utilizing the various techniques that have been taught by ancient Chinese and which have been modernized in keeping with our present lifestyles.

One of the first things we learn about Feng Shui is that it consists of two main sources of energy known as ‘yin’ and ‘yang’, representing the feminine and masculine forces respectively. These two forces have to be perfectly balanced to ensure a harmonious flow of positive energy. “Yin” is needed to relax and replenish and is a good force to have in our bedrooms or any place where we relax while “Yang” is what we need when we’re having a busy day in the office or having a great time at a party. “Yang” is vibrant and active and is prevalent in the present age where everyone is in a hurry with hardly any time to relax. This means that our lives are not balanced because there’s very little flow of “Yin” and too much of “Yang” dominating our lives.

According to the principals of Feng shui,   objects and their placement play a big role in creating positive energy and it is said, placing a quartz crystal bowl with its open and circular shape is ideal to collect ‘yin’ energy. By placing this in any area where you wish to have calm and peace you would start to feel more serene and relaxed. If, on the other hand, you feel in need of more vibrant energy; sounding the bowl will provide you with ‘yang’ energy while sounding it on a higher note will give out more energy.

Feng shui in the home can be improved by the manner in which you arrange your furniture and other objects because furniture can dictate how energy enters and flows throughout your home and the environment. Once you decide to apply Feng shui to your own home, think of your furniture in terms of colours first, shape second and texture or material last. Remember placing too much furniture in a room can restrict the flow of energy. Size and positioning of the furniture should also be given consideration in proportion to the room.  Using a Bagua can be of great help in knowing and understanding the key elements and colours of Feng shui and what each of them represents, in order to arrange your objects in the best possible positions for the free flow of positive energy.

As you would have realized by now, Feng shui is not a subject one can master in a couple of days. It has so much science and mystery to it and is such a fascinating subject to learn while discovering how far we can go to improve the quality of our lives if we really understand what Feng Shui is all about.