Quick and easy money spell to grow your wealth
Quick and easy money spell to grow your wealth

Piggy Bank Money Spell

This super easy and fast-acting money spell is ideal for those new to witchcraft and the seasoned witch that is looking for a light magick spell with speedy results.

The piggy bank money spell is one of the simplest spells you can cast. But don’t be fooled, power at times lies within simplicity!

Piggy Bank Money Spell

Time of Day


You will need

  • A dollar bill or any bill from your local currency
  • Clove oil
  • Green or gold thread
  • A piggy bank


Your altar


  1. Create a circle of protection

    Open your circle of protection in any way that you want. Summon the energies that you would like to summon and do the rituals that you feel you must do. Or keep it simple and just visualise a positive white light coming down from the universe above and enveloping you and your altar in a bubble.

  2. See the money

    As with every magick spell, clarity of intention is necessary. Wanting more money is not clear enough. Technically, getting one dollar extra is getting more money.

    You should ask yourself questions like why you want more money, what are you going to do with it, how are you going to spend it, how would it better your life, how would you feel when you have it, and most importantly, how will you know when the spell has worked. Answers to these questions will help you create several scenarios in your mind where you already have more money and are already doing with it what you want.

    Bring anyone of these scenarios to life by focusing and concentrating on the moments that they are creating. Pay attention to all the external and internal details. Where are you? What do you see? What do you hear? Is it cold or warm? Is anyone talking? What are they saying? Is there a smell or a scent? Are you holding something? What does the texture and weight feel like in your hand? How do you feel at that precise moment?

    Once your scenario has been created and amplified in detail, hold that thought and all the feelings that come with it throughout the process.

  3. Anoint the money

    Dab the four corners of the bill with clove oil.

  4. Fold the bill three times
    1. Fold one
      Tuck the right side of the bill in towards the centre.
    2. Fold two
      Tuck the left side of the bill in towards the centre.
    3. Fold three
      Fold the bill in half where the two ends meet.
  5. Bind your intentions

    Attach your intentions to the bill by wrapping the thread a few times around the folded bill. Make sure to wrap towards yourself whilst winding the thread. Seal your intentions with three knots.

  6. Drop the money into the piggy bank

    Now that the bill has been anointed and bound with your intentions, it will act as a seed dollar that will grow by attracting more money to itself and into your life.

  7. Close your circle

    Knowing now that your spell has worked and that you will be getting more money, give gratitude and thanks to the energies you summoned or simply to the universe that enveloped you.