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The truth about spells and curses, origins, beliefs

The truth about spells and curses, origins, beliefs

Digging into the origins and beliefs of magick spells and curses is bound to reveal many interesting myths and facts about this ancient art that has been in practice for thousands of years. The problem, however, is those who really know the truth about the world of magick and how things work do not usually like to share their knowledge with others. Hence, anyone who wishes to learn more about the occult will have to carry out research on their own to find out the truth.

It is a known fact that witches and magicians have been using spells from time immemorial to make their magick work. Spells are an integral part of witchcraft that can be used either for good or evil purposes depending on whether it’s white or black magick that is being used to achieve it. White magick is said to use only the positive energy that surrounds us and the spells cast from this source is usually for a good cause and will therefore not cause harm to anyone. Black magick, on the other hand, uses the dark or negative forces that surround us and is always used to hurt or harm someone and is therefore considered evil. It is also believed that whenever you use black magick it’s bound to return threefold to its user and therefore one should never dabble in black magick.

Even those who practiced black magick in the ancient days are said to have suffered eventually when the spells they cast either returned to them or they themselves become the targets of negative energies or other witches who cast bad spells on them to ruin their careers. This shows that even among witches and wizards there has been competition and one can only imagine how dangerous that could have been. In their case, however, they would instinctively know when a spell or curse was directed towards them and therefore take precautions to protect themselves or send it right back to where it came from. This was known as creating a defensive shield of positive energy around them to prevent the negative forces from getting inside.

Curses, on the other hand, are said to be even more harmful than spells and work through the mixing of blood of the people concerned. They last for a longer time than spells and are believed to be passed on from generation to generation and are generally known as family curses. There are times when even doctors cannot understand why a patient is suffering when there’s no visible medical reason. What they don’t say is that it could be a curse that is affecting the patient and prolonging his life so that he does not even have the release of death, because of the intensity of the curse.

As you can see there are two sides to everything; even in magick and it’s up to the practitioner to use it to the benefit of others and to bring some good into their lives rather than dabble in black magick that uses evil forces that not only harm other but can also destroy the one who practices it.