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Elements, colors, herbs used in spells and how they correspond to our objectives

Elements, colors, and herbs used in spells and how they correspond to our objectives

Even if you don’t really believe in magick, you have to admit that there are certain things that are beyond our understanding and that good and evil do exist in this world and that it is possible to influence the forces around us to bring them into focus. One thing we all need however is to live happy and peaceful lives and even in our innocence, we tend to make a wish when we’re blowing out the candles on our birthday cake or when we look at the full moon or stars in the night. So why not use a little magick to wish for what we want most in life provided it does not harm anyone and is done only for our good?

Those who practice magick seriously know all about creating magick and casting spells and even though they sound like something from our childish fairy tales, they do make us curious as to whether it’s really possible that magick can change our lives or give us something we would dearly like to have. So why not try a little experiment to see how able you are to work a little magick into your life by casting a spell? After all, it is not wrong to wish for something good, is it?

First and foremost you have to decide on exactly what you want, why you want it, and what benefit it will bring you? Never ask for something negative like wishing harm on someone else because this can be done only through negative forces and can be dangerous to everyone concerned. Magick has a lot to do with the environment, and the spell is cast with the use of the elements, colors, and herbs all of which in some way corresponds to our objectives, desires, and emotions. Therefore, it’s important to use matching items and ingredients when casting a spell.

Let’s say you’re casting a Love spell. You’re going to need rose quartz crystal; pink candles, pink rosebuds, and the spell should be cast at midnight. If it’s a Money spell, it must be cast at sunrise using herbs such as sage and mint with green crystals and green candles. A spell for “success” should be cast in the direction of the South at midday manifested by Amber crystals with herbs such as rosemary, basil, or nettle. The moon also plays a big role in casting spells and it’s always best to cast it at the time of the Full Moon or the New Moon.

The next important thing is to write down your spell and read it out loud at least three times so the Universe can hear it clearly. What you write and read should be very clear and very specific. Names, dates, and times should be mentioned since a badly and half-written spell will yield only half of your wish. Be careful, especially when writing a Love spell because you might end with more than you bargained for.

Remember that you do have to work at your magick. You can’t afford to ignore your boyfriend and expect the spell to work or not even open a book and hope you’ll pass your exam. Magick is well and good, but there’s no harm in giving it a push because only those who try hard to get something will be the ultimate winners.