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Why do spells fail to work sometimes? 5 possible reasons

Why do spells fail to work sometimes? 5 possible reasons

What most people fail to understand is that nothing is guaranteed in this world or the next. People who cast spells are people who have studied the science of magick and that of casting spells and there can be many reasons for a particular spell not to work. Remember, for a spell to be successful both parties have to be focused on it equally. The caster should do the casting properly while the person who is requesting the spell must have the conviction that it will work for the spell to be successful. Now, let’s see what some of the common reasons that leave us wondering ‘Why didn’t my spell work?’.


If you don’t have the strongest of convictions that the spell is going to work, there’s no point in casting a spell. A witch who’s not sure of her ability to cast a spell will never be able to achieve her objective successfully. She should also not expect it to happen immediately but have patience and give it some time to see if it works.

Negative forces

A spell that asks for good things will not work if the one casting the spell is surrounded by negative forces. These dark forces must be removed first and your thoughts clear before you try. Casting your spell in private has a better chance of success than doing so in public.

Using the Wrong Material

Make sure you have the correct tools and the traditional ingredients to cast the spell. There are many spells that have been passed down especially in Voodoo rituals and these spells require tools such as a special knife, candles, and material such as oil, incense, powders, roots, etc. Using a wrong spell or incorrect wording too could jeopardize your effects. For the spell to work properly, all of the above must come together.


Casting a spell is a very personal matter and has much to do with focusing your energies and emotions on the objective. Only someone who has experience in casting a spell by channeling her powers towards the Universe will be able to cast a spell successfully. Simply chanting a spell without focus will not help.

Correct Information Not provided

If you’re casting a spell on behalf of someone, you must be given all the reasons as to why that person wants this spell cast. For instance, if someone wants her lover back, she has to give all the details as to why they broke up and all ongoing details. Keeping back something important will not help in the manifestation of the spell and it might even backfire and make things worse.

These are just a few reasons why a spell might not work. Keep in mind that belief, focus, concentration, and discipline are crucial to the success of a spell. Unless you align your objective with that of the Universe, you will not find it easy to achieve your goals. Always remember that supernatural forces are not to be played around with. Respecting the traditions is important when casting spells while constant practice will help you to cast your spells successfully in time.