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How to cast a spell – don’t have to be a practicing witch

How to cast a spell – you don’t have to be a practicing witch

We hear so much about magick and casting spells to obtain something you dearly wish for, but we don’t really imagine that it’s possible for us to do so. In modern days especially, people have become so rational and bent on science and technology, many would not even want to admit that they believe in the supernatural and the ability to cast spells and curses on others. We do know however that ancient witches were quite famous for creating magick; so much so that some governments even hunted and killed them because they believed they could harm the community.

Even though it’s not widespread today as it used to be, there are many witches and wizards that still practice witchcraft, mostly for healing purposes and to bring comfort to those in pain. There are however some that dabble in black magick for evil purposes, although even that we cannot say for sure because the Wiccans, who are said to work with black magick vouch that their purpose is not evil and that they don’t invoke Satan for their rituals.

The fact remains that spells can be cast by anyone if they first learn how to do it. Contrary to the belief of many, witches are not born; they learn the subject just like we learn maths and music. But, there are some who are more psychic than others and are therefore more successful in casting spells and other rituals that have to do with witchcraft.

A spell can be cast for almost anything you desire such as a Love spell, Break-up spell, lottery spell, healing spell, etc. with each requiring a different technique. There are of course good spells and bad spells where you call upon the death and destruction of another person and its best to stay away from this type of magic that could very well harm the one who practices it as well. Casting a spell involves everyday objects such as stones, leaves, candles, water, etc. while a person can be turned even into a vampire by casting a spell using personal objects such as blood, hair, nails, etc.

The most important feature of a spell is the belief you have in it and the certain knowledge that the spell will be successful. This is so because the one who casts the spell has to focus all his energy on the objectives and make it work to yield the desired results. Depending on the strength of the person casting the spell and the object it is directed at and how positive or negative his or energies are, the spell could be cast in a few minutes or it might take even days to work.

Casting a simple spell has much to do with the power of suggestion. Even if you’re not a witch or wizard, it’s possible for an ordinary person to do it if there’s something you desire more than anything in the world. If you can focus on that particular objective every possible moment and keep on repeating how much you want it while rubbing on a lucky charm which you consider is a personal favorite item of yours such as a ring, coin, or picture, the chances are that your wish will come true even though you’re not a witch in the real sense of the word.