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Spells and free will and going against the forces of nature

Spells and free will and going against the forces of nature

Many psychics and witches feel that it’s not right to cast a spell against someone’s free will. Although many people approach them asking for spells sometimes to win their lover by breaking a marriage or any type of witchcraft that could harm another, they refrain from doing so. It is their belief that any spell that can influence someone’s choice has a good chance of backfiring and causing more problems in the long term.  Spells, they say are powerful magick and a good magician can always use specific actions and words to invoke the energies of the unseen forces to carry out a task, and this say can be done successfully.  But, in most cases, witches prefer only to cast a spell that would bring in positive results for everyone in accordance with their “free will”.

For example, let’s take a Love spell. If someone is using a love spell to break up a husband and a wife in order to take the husband as her own lover, it means going against the Natural law resulting in bad karma for all parties concerned.  A day will come when everyone involved will have to pay the price and this is what is called the use of ‘Free Will”. Many ordinary people use simple spells with the hope of winning a loved one or to request something they desire. These spells, however, are a far cry from the highly powerful mystical magic used by witches to achieve something they require desperately.

If you unknowingly cast spells seeking revenge, arouse jealousy, or even get someone to fall in love with you,  it means you’re interfering with someone else’s free will.  It would be like someone you don’t care about at all, casting a spell on you because he or she wants to win your love against your will. You wouldn’t like that at all now would you, because that’s not what you want in life. In the same way, when you try to make someone that doesn’t care for you to fall in love with you, you’re influencing forces against nature which can be very dangerous in the long term.  Many people think that casting love spells is one of the easiest things to do in the world of magick since no special equipment or money is required to perform it.  The problem however is; they do succeed, but only for a short period of time and when things start turning against them, they better look out, because the very forces that they used against the “free will” concept will turn against them creating havoc in their lives.

Most witches are of the opinion that the present-day method of casting love spells as used by many novices is actually black magick because they go against the forces of nature in doing it.  According to them, the correct and only way of achieving what you want is through the art of manifestation which has been taught by teachers who learnt the ancient methods of witchcraft to help mankind reach a higher level of consciousness. According to them, there are many ways of achieving your goals in love, wealth, position, or anything for that matter through the simple process of visualization.  It’s only when you stop casting spells that are against nature and start learning the art of visualization to achieve what you desire that you will be ultimately successful.